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Bloodstone Necklace

Bloodstone Necklace

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Bloodstone Crystal Necklace 

Handmade with a Gold Copper Wire & a 1 inch Bloodstone Gemstone.

One-of-a-kind handmade Bloodstone pendant - Pendant only - Pieces are smudged after process

Hand wrapped in gold coated copper wire - Genuine gemstone

Bloodstone is believed to be a very powerful healing stone since ancient times. Today it is a very popular amongst Crystal healers. It is said to drain all the negativity responsible to create disease & pain. It boosts the innate healing power inside you by quieting a preoccupied mind & refocusing your energy on repair & renewal of wounds you've collected over the years. Known as a stone of courage.

Chakra: Heart & Root - Zodiac: Aries

Perfect for gifting or spoiling yourself!

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