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Hey girl!

I’m Randi, International Fitness Entrepreneur, WBFF Bikini Pro and Social Media Influencer with a passion for holistic health and wellness!

When I started my fitness journey back in 2012 my goal was to be STRONG! I was naturally very thin and petite growing up, and I wanted to transform my body & mind to resemble a strong, healthy, driven woman! When I first started working out; I started working out with home workout DVD’s that I would do in my bedroom (YES! You can get fit at home without a gym membership). Later on, I developed a strong passion for the gym atmosphere, where everyone had a similar goal in common – that they were there to better themselves, mentally and physically. With my physical training I incorporated crystal healing, with Citrine holding every attribute I think we all need, I wish to share this piece of healing that did so much for me, with all of you.
Stay strong babes

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